Our History

2012 - Workforce of the large-scale mining

For the first time, the issues related to the workforce of the large-scale mining are addressed with a global view of the industry, using information provided directly by mining companies, through the report “Large-Scale Chilean Mining Workforce: diagnosis and recommendations”.

2011 - EmprendeFCh

During this year EmprendeFCh began its operations, it is an entrepreneurship platform of our Foundation, which currently concentrates 28 new entrepreneurships.

2010 - Solar Chile

Solar Chile is an innovation program for the development of large-scale solar systems.

2009 - A new endowment

Our Foundation received a new endowment, delivered by BHP Minera Escondida and the Chilean Government equally. Also this year started CTNLA (Center of Naval and Sea Technological Innovation), InovaFoods (research project in enzyme biotechnology), Consorcio Bioenerce (innovation program for the future development of the biofuels industry in Chile, through new technologies of biofuels as bioethanol and bio-oil and C4E), business and technology consortium created to develop new uses and applications for copper, with the challenge to diversify and add value in the production and commercialization line of copper.

2008 - Comienza EcoseaFarming

This year began EcoseaFarming, pioneering development of new technology of metallurgical innovation for manufacturing of copper meshes with optimum properties for net-cages salmon farming.

2007 - Neosylva Phytomedics

Neosylva Phytomedics is an innovation project for the development of botanical products deriving from unique and proprietary native plants with high added value.

2006 - Alimtec, AXON AXIS, EcoPellets, Biofrutales and Genómica Forestal

An innovation used in Chile, Japan, U.S., Canada, Australia and Panama:  Alimtec, a global pioneer industry in the development and application of natural pigments for salmons. During this year also started: AXON AXIS a technology services company focused on the development of company information solutions, EcoPellets an innovative company that introduced the pellets production (waste wood) as biofuel, Biofrutales a management company of fruit varieties that boost the first genetic improvement program in Chile (peach / nectarine), and Genómica Forestal  an innovative program for the development of knowledge and technologies genomics-based that involves the development of transgenic organisms.

2005 - BHP Minera Escondida, our new partner. Sociedad Inversora Forestal and Aqua Gestion

BHP Minera Escondida became our new partner, through an endowment of US$ 10 million, matched by the Government through CORFO. Sociedad Inversora Forestal (SIF S.A), company dedicated to the forest exploitation and logs production and Aqua Gestión is a certification company for water stewardship.

2004 - Oleotop

Oleotop is a producer of rapeseed oil for salmon feed, feed supplement for livestock and extra virgin olive oil, rich in omegas 3 and 6 for human consumption.

2003 - Multiflora Casablanca and GCL

Multiflora Casablanca, in vitro micropropagation of premium flowers bulbs for export; GCL, laboratory analysis, advice and training for food industry; and Gestión Ambiental Acuícola, environmental consultant for plants, and farming and production systems in southern Chile.

2002 - QTech

This year was the creation of QTech, specialized technical assistance in conservation processes and microbiological hazards controlling. Also Inacui was created, center for development of Aquaculture Engineering for crop systems, effluent and waste management, sanitary conditions of the systems and water quality, among others.  Another company that started during this year was the Compañia Chilena de Esterilización (prevention of diseases by contagion from contaminated food) and Carpe Diem (farming center of technological innovation for the production of high quality wine to export).  Importantly, this year the mergers with the Chilean Institute Technological, Intec (depends on CORFO), which allows income of new resources to our Foundation.

2001 - IMO Chile

IMO Chile, control services, quality assurance and certification of organic products and friendly with the environment with international standards. On the other hand, GenVitis a scientific-technological platform developed the first functional genomics in vid for new varieties of Carmenere variety. It is important to notice the creation of  education portal, OAS award for the best ICTinitiative.

2000 - Quality Certification for Schools

The Quality Certification Program of our Foundation for schools is certified.

1999 - SIF

SIF, Forestry Investment, a financial innovation of our Foundation, pioneer in Latin America. It creates a debt instrument backed with forest usufructs and land planted with Eucalyptus and Radiata pine by SIF in the VII and VIII Regions. During this year also were created Genfor and Sur Austra.

1998 - Chiletec

Chiletec, an investment fund of seed capital created by our Foundation to support early entrepreneurships.

1997 - The Association of Salmon and Trout Farmers

We encouraged the creation of the Association of Salmon and Trout Farmers, a precursor of the Salmon in Chile. We also get the introduction of new aquaculture species with high demands of the global market: Catfish and Merluza Austral.

1995 - Technopress

Technopress, a project that provides support services for the development and positioning of aquaculture, fishing and forestry sector through publications, events and international fairs. Subsequently, Oleotop began as an incentive project for growing raps in the south. It is transformed into a producer of high quality oils for the salmon industry and human consumption.

1994 - Chevrita

Chevrita, first and only Chilean plant to produce and export dairy products derived from goats and Punto Verde, agro industry which develops hydroponics.

1993 - Campos Marinos Project

In this year started the Campos Marinos Project, development of productive center for the fattening of Abalone.

1992 - The aquaculture growing strength

SeafoodResources Chile SA (SRC) was created, one of the main production centers of Turbot fish in the world and the largest in Latin America. It stands out for its high standards of quality and health.

1990 - The nineties

Centec was formed; a technology center specialized in the development and research of wood, which produces furniture components. It was sold to Trilium in 1988. Agrícola and Vitivinícola Itata also began a project to improve strains of vines and make technology transfer to farmers. Semillas Marinas, series experimental projects between 2001 and 2005 linked to experimental farming of red abalone of California.

1989 - Agro industries

Agrícola Esmeralda (Rengo) is the first agro industry of our Foundation.

1987 - Salmones Hullinco

Salmones Hullinco began to operate, first salmon farming in Chile.

1985 - Berries la Unión

Berries la Union started its operation, a company that develops and introduces the cultivation of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries for export.

1983 - Caprilac

During this year was the inaguration of the Company Caprilac, a industrialization project of goat milk for the production of fine cheeses that are looking to support small dairy farmers in a poor area. Cultimar also was created, an Aquaculture Center of Marine Culture of Tongoy, which in 2012 achieved the largest oyster larvae growing in its history. Another relevant milestone was Procarne, company that introduced in Chile the format of vacuum-packed meat and the concept of deboning in origin, for cuts.

1982 - Our First Companies

Salmones Antártica Ltda was the first company created by us, seven years later was sold to a Japanese company at US$ 22 million. Then, the second company was Cultivos Marinos Tongoy, which achieved the development of the farming of the Japanese oyster.

1981 - Our First Purchase

Domsea Pesquera Chile Ltda, a salmon farming company was our first purchase.

1979 - Espárrago Verde

It began the implementation of a new program, which introduces the new variety of green asparagus in Chile.

1978 - Ours first big bets

We started the first big bets with the identification of business opportunities: "Aquaculture Systems” embryonic project, “Exportable products, fruit and vegetables" project, "Special diet products” project (dried milk low in lactose) and "Using of Lupino” project. Hereinafter we have developed multiple innovative projects, through the impulse of research and implementation of new technologies, and the creation of companies that generate new productive industries

1977 - First Steps

First steps in the areas of Commercialization and Economic Research, Electronics and Telecommunications, and Food and Nutrition. The purpose of this is to support the new model of free market economy, promote the export market and improve the food system.

1976 - Fundación Chile

In this year Fundación Chile was born, an institution dedicated to scientific research and technological transfer. It was created as a public-private partnership formed by 50% by the Government of Chile and 50% by ITT. Our mission is to introduce high impact innovations to increase Chile's competitiveness in world markets.