Innovation ability development

In the people Ability Development we find the “greatest currency of the XXI century”, according to OECD. To invest in human capital through the development and updating of its abilities, increases it value, achieves a greater productivity, offers a greater career development and it attracts innovative results for the organization.

The changes in the labor market require demands of new abilities kind and an adaptable and relevant offer is needed to facilitate the learning throughout life.

The offered abilities by Innovum cut across our own innovation stamp and these seek to be a contribution of human capital in Chile.

There is a focus on 3 lines: Endeavor, Innovation and Employability Ability Development. The capacity and transference offer may be classes or workshops, always counting on the adaptability according to the challenges and necessity of every project and client.

Innovation Abilities: The innovation generates opportunities, sustained growth and creates the value beyond your current business. We help you to explore how the innovation can support the strategic decisions inside your organization, how to find opportunities, to detect market or client necessities, to strengthen your creativity, empathy tools, critical thinking, business model generation, net maps, change management for the innovation, among others.

Endeavor Abilities:  How to be more entrepreneur inside your organization? What tool can you strengthen to develop your personal endeavor? There is an offer of yourself management abilities in time, communication, bargaining, business model generation, opportunity detection, among others.

Employability Abilities: The gap between the exits of the world of the training towards the world of the work is addressed, with training institutions, enterprises, workers, students and Technical Executing Organisms of Training (OTEC). There is leadership in two relevant initiatives in this field:

  • AMPLÍA INICIATIVE: Initiative along with the National service of Training and Employment (SENCE) and the Multilateral Fund of Investments of the Inter-American Development Bank, to strengthen the labor training industry through the creation of a quality framework. It also address consultancy to educative and training institutions to improve its offer quality.
  • PREPARADO INICIATIVE: A model with 21 enterprise-validated employability standards, experimented in young people and adults that look for a job or want to improve their employability conditions.