Maximized performance and talent of the teams Cencosud High performance management model


To implement a performance management system in order to maximize the value contribution of Cencosud partners and executives to the business results by delivering simple tools for the decision making and the talent management inside Cencosud, in a domestic and international level.


  • Performance assessment.
  • Feedback and result management.
  • Action Plans.

Associated Products

  • Team report on the on-line contributor assessment (consistency report).
  • Calibration report.
  • Individual result reports of on-line competences and targets.
  • Global result report (country, division, business unit, others).
  • Performance agreement.
  • Potential matrix.


  • Brazil: Pereli, Mercantil, Gbarbosa and Cencosud Bretas. About 3000 people.
  • Chile: Business unit, Johnson´s, Banco Paris and Euro Fashion. About 700 people.
  • Executives: Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and China. About 300 people.
  • China: Product Manager: About 35 people.
  • Peru: Wong and Metro. About 700 people.

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