Development of innovation management capacity in SMC Chile.


To build and settle the management capacity in order to innovate in a systematic and efficient way in SMC, and to achieve the growth and profitability targets in medium term.


  • Diagnosis.
  • Innovation strategy elaboration.
  • People awareness and lining.
  • Setting of an innovation corporative model.
  • Innovation ability development in SMC leader net.
  • Innovation project portfolio elaboration.

Associated Products

  • Diagnosis of management capabilities and innovation.
  • Innovation strategy and focus.
  • Innovation leaders with abilities to manage innovation projects.
  • Innovation management and innovation ability development workshops.
  • Structure formalization and processes for innovation.
  • Setting of an innovation corporative model.
  • Project portfolio in line with the innovation focus.


  • SMC Chile in Santiago, Antofagasta, Concepción, Copiapó, Coquimbo, Curicó, Iquique, Valdivia and Viña del Mar offices.
  • About 30 trained innovation leaders.
  • About 80 awakening workers.

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