Design and generation of an innovation ecosystem for cosmetic enterprises.


To develop an Innovation Ecosystem between enterprises related to the cosmetic and personal care industry, through an innovation strategy generation, processes and structures development and the creation of abilities and capabilities that overall, and through the practice standardization, allow to build  in a gradual way, a pro-innovation and pro-endeavor culture.


  • Diagnosis.
  • Innovation strategy generation.
  • Awareness and learning for innovation.
  • Structure and business process generation for innovation.
  • Ability development in innovation leader net.
  • Innovation project portfolio elaboration.

Associated Products

  • Diagnosis of management capabilities and innovation.
  • Strategy and innovation focus.
  • Innovation leaders with abilities to manage innovation projects.
  • Structure and organization for innovation.
  • Innovation management and innovation ability development workshops.
  • Model management, innovation project assessment and selection.
  • Recognition and incentives models.
  • Project portfolio in line with the innovation focus.


  • 6 enterprises.
  • About 45 trained innovation leaders.
  • About 500 awakening workers.

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