2011 Falabella performance management


To support the development and improvement of Falabella people management processes and tools through a model implementation of performance management based on the competences.


  • To elaborate a behavioral competence model for Falabella retail.
  • To adjust corporative Falabella behavioral competence model.
  • To do a statistic analyze of the item discrimination for the corporative behavioral model adjust and improvement.
  • To elaborate a development action supply in order to reduce the gaps for a development agreement elaboration.
  • An exigency scale proposal by charge.
    An exigency scale proposal by a charge family.

Associated Products

  • Behavioral competence corporative catalogue: composed by 10 behavioral competences that applies cross-wise for every corporative headship and managers profiles.
  • Behavioral competences retail catalogue: composed by 8 behavioral competences in which 4 of them, apply cross-wise for every existing profile in stores and the remains, are assigned according to the required abilities for the performance in certain charge family.
  • Development action supply for the elaboration of the performance agreement: composed of development action for every competence of corporative and retail model of behavioral competences.


  • 12.000 Falabella workers.

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