Development routes for the production lines


To establish a development route of the press section team in El Mercurio Neswpaper production sub-management, through the understanding and standardization of the involved processes and the team development planning in order to impact in the productivity of the area and in the workers life quality.


  • Functional matrix surveying and core competences.
  • Behavioral and functional competences standardization.
  • Profile elaboration.

Associated Products

  • Process and function matrix.
  • Functional and behavioral competences model.
  • Specific and general profiles according to the functions.
  • Formative route adjusted to the gaps and with an existing offer.
  • Trained managers in development management processes.
  • Competence model, profiles and accomplishment in the process dissemination through Intranet.
  • Assessed partners in their functional and behavioral competences with individual gap reports.


  • About 100 workers of press section considering the charges of the most important operator, press operator, assistant and supervisor.
  • 10 headships considering the charges of area manager, supervisor and supervisor assistant.

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