Certification of contractor enterprise workers for Los Bronces AngloAmerican Operation

To design and manage the assessment process of the behavioral and technical competences aiming at the operational security.


  • Assessment instruments design of General Security, which is specific and technical by critical enterprises of the Operation.
  • Behavioral model design for the security assessment of the contractor workers.
  • Software design for the technological support for the assessment execution.
  • Processes and procedures design for the assessment execution.
  • Assessment system implementation for the contractor enterprises.
  • Report delivery for the contractor enterprises.
  • Project impact assessment elaboration to Los Bronces Operation.

Associated Products

  • Security knowledge model (technical, general and specific security).
  • Behavioral competence model specific in security.
  • Certification of contractor enterprise workers.
  • Sporadic status process reports.


  • 120 charge profiles of contractor enterprises.
  • 7000 workers by year.
  • 400 contractor enterprises.

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