28 | Noviembre | 2013

VETA MINING releases free access labor platform

Important selection and recruitment companies of the mining industry got together to learn about the new Mediation Platform, which contains a database with all the trade training courses graduate students.

The presentation of the new Labor Mediation Platform from the Veta Minera program took place with representatives of companies specialized in the search and recruitment of personnel for the mining sector. It contains a freely accessible database of information from all graduate students from training courses on mining trades, allowing an intelligent search of the technical profiles required by each organization.

"This platform is the culmination of an effort that we hope will be an example of public-private partnership, since -to achieve this- it was necessary that the industry developed a single expectation on the skills that people must have at the end of the programs" said Diego Richard, director of the Labor Force Center at Innovum from Fundación Chile.

Also, during the meeting the moment that the national mining sector is experiencing was commented in relation to the specialized human capital gap in technical areas; situation that will be projected into the future according to studies conducted at the Foundation.

Likewise, Diego Richard listed the measures that are being implemented in order to counteract this deficiency, through various initiatives launched by the Council of Mining Skills.

The activity was attended by Human Value, Pineal, Randstad, CDO, De Kanel Consultores y Cía., Gestar, Enera, Grafton, Aborda, among others.

On the other hand, the Veta Minera program from Fundación Chile was created with the purpose of providing qualified human capital specialized in trades to access mining, the mandating companies and industry suppliers, through a structure involving the attraction, selection and training of specialized personnel.