5 | March | 2014

Innovum FCh and Mining Ministry sign an agreement to develop local suppliers.

The agreement of joint work is framed in the Program of World Class Suppliers. The initiative will accelerate the development of industry suppliers and decrease information asymmetries in the mining sector.

A strategic partnership between the Ministry of Mines and Innovum FCh allows joint work over the next three years, with the goal of developing an industry supplier for mining. The signing of this agreement hopes to accelerate the growth of the industry, to encourage the provision of local suppliers, and to reduce information asymmetries in the mining sector.

The General Manager of Fundación Chile, Marcos Kulka, emphasizes that “This initiative is aimed at overcoming the great challenges of productivity and competitiveness facing the mining sector through the establishment of links between companies and their suppliers, by providing actors an environment of open innovation and promoting lifelong learning among them. "

For his part, Undersecretary of Mining, Francisco Orrego, noted that “Through this agreement we realize our ministerial commitment to the institutionalization of the industry world-class suppliers, providing a long-term view."

Additionally, the agreement will develop tools that aim to monitor and characterize the sector of mining suppliers, along with identifying the challenges facing the industry in the short, medium and long term.

The agreement is part of the Program of World Class Suppliers, designed to accelerate the development of an industry of suppliers based on the challenges facing the mining industry through innovation, technological development and applied knowledge, helping to diversify the productive and export matrix of the country and to enhance the sustainability of the mining sector in the long term.