26 | November | 2013

Mining Training Packages: the Mining Skills Council from the Mining Council, delivers new standards and tools to train mining trades

Mining Training Packages are proposals for curricular solutions that the Mining Skills Council provides free of charge and that education and training centers may use or modify for their own syllabus, if they want.

With the public delivery of the first four Mining Training Packages, the Mining Skills Council (CCM) -the first organization of its kind in the country- today became a new landmark in its work focused on providing standards and tools to the world of training and education, so that students may increase their employability by developing the skills and abilities required by the mining sector.

To the ceremony held in the offices of the Mining Council, attended the ministers of Education, Carolina Schmidt; of Labor and Social Welfare, Juan Carlos Jobet and of Mining, Hernán de Solminihac, institutions with which the CCM works collaboratively. Also and representing the education and training world, attended Gonzalo Vargas, Chairman at Professional Institutes and Certified Technical Training Centers Association, and Jaime Vatter, Bernardo Domínguez and Patricia Roda also board members of that association. Representatives from the mining sector and professionals from Innovum from Fundación Chile, an organization that counsels the CCM and worked on the development of the packages, also were present.

Joaquín Villarino, Chairman at the Mining Council, explained that the Mining Training Packages are curricular solution proposals that CCM provides freely and that educational and training centers if they wish, can use or modify them for their own syllabus. "What we are looking for with the first 4 packages is to facilitate the implementation of induction to mining programs and the development of skills to access positions in the industry, in terms of trades related to the maintenance of equipment for which a skill shortage for the coming years has been anticipated", he said .

The CCM is working to publicly release 6 other training packages during the month of April 2014, mainly for technical training programs for operating mining tasks trades.

Comments from education and state representatives

To symbolically receive the Training Packages, the Chairman at the Professional Institutes and Certified Technical Training Centers Association explained that, historically, each training institution had to raise its own professional profiles. "I were going separately from the companies, we asked for their collaboration almost as a favor, when in fact it makes much more sense that the industry develops them", he said. He added that "for us, CCM’s work format it is fully functional", referring to the mining sector standardizing, systematizing and disseminating information and tools to contribute to the training of future workers, according to what it needs.

Minister Juan Carlos Jobet noted that "one of the challenges we have to face as a country in order to advance in the training area is to add and coordinate the efforts of all stakeholders. The leadership that the large-scale mining has adopted on this matter is very important". In the same line, Minister Carolina Schmidt pointed out the value of the CCM when establishing a model, a concept to tackle training for work that brings together the productive and the education worlds and the State: "I hope this initiative is replicated by other industries, because it is key not only to the educational development of Chile, but for the development of the country as a whole". Meanwhile, Minister Hernán de Solminihac valued that the materials prepared by the CCM and made available to the education and training centers are a recommendation and they are not mandatory. "It's valuable that the industry contributes with training tools for the training provided by educational institutions, each of which has its own way of coping and measure the results of their educational processes", he said .

The Mining Council also expects to deliver these materials to the presidential campaigns, within the coming days.

Complete set of materials

The Training Packages include infrastructure and technology suggested standards, manuals for instructors, student activities, management books, and even evaluation tools, among others, for each occupational profile. They are based on contents were developed and successfully applied in the technical mining training in Australia, whose rights were acquired by the CCM for their adaptation to the Chilean reality and to offer them free of charge to institutions that require them. 

The Training packages are aligned and they add up and are upgraded, as a system, with other products already launched by the CCM that express the human capital demand in the sector in quantitative and qualitative terms: the Large-Scale Chilean Mining Workforce Report and Mining Qualifications’ Framework, respectively. They will also be integrated with other products that are currently being developed.

The CCM is the first competence skills counsel in the country, incorporated by the large-scale mining under the Mining Council, with the expert counsel of Innovum from Fundación Chile. It recently received the 2013 National Avonni Innovation Award for systemically bringing together productive world with the world of work training and thereby generating shared value.

With CCM’s work model not only the mining industry and its suppliers are benefited. Also the education and training centers can improve the quality of training for those interested in working in the sector; the use of the resources invested in education and training is optimized, both by households and the State and the companies; graduate student’s employability is increased; and the opportunities for vulnerable people are broadened through targeted State and some companies’ scholarships, to make the most of employment opportunities generated by the mining development.

More information on the Mining Skills Council on how to access materials and tools are available at and