Energy & Climate Change

Created Companies


SCX is the first private climate exchange of the Southern Hemisphere, based on the strictest criteria and accounting methodologies of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).
Solar Chile

Solar Chile is a company that develops large-scale solar systems, whose mission is to transform the huge solar resource of the Atacama Desert into a sustainable and competitive energy source. It is part of an ambitious plan initiated in 2010 by entrepreneurs and Fundación Chile, which seeks to transform our country into a world leader in solar energy.

C-water is the integration of the heat recovery and the water desalination.

Consorcio Bioenercel

To develop, acquire and adapt technologies that allow the implementation of a biofuel industry in Chile. These biofuels are obtained from lignocellulosic materials. Furthermore, it develops scientific and technological research for bioprocesses, which seek the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into biofuel.

GTN LA is a service company of basic, conceptual and detailed engineering; research studies of geophysical and/or geothermal; advisory, consultancy and/or training services in matters of geophysics, geothermal, environment and similar matters.