Energy & Climate Change

Sustainability of products

The attribute of sustainability of products distinguishes among other, and delivers added value to the companies and their products; also it is associated with the optimal use of resources.

Sustainability of products 

The evaluation of product life cycle assessments is based on the ISO 14040 standard, and the development of practical tools which allows to the companies take more informed decisions based on a life cycle approach. 

The Sustainability Consortium

The international organization is made up of more than 80 companies, universities, NGOs, and governmental organizations, which work together to make the world a more sustainable place through better products, services, and consumption habits. (

Creation of Data Base at National Level - ECOBASE

The creation of national measurement platform and report of thesustainability of products for the food sector and building materials. This corresponds to the modelling for specific product categories which allows to setting up environmental footprints.

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