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The international experience has demonstrated to have successful systems using renewable energy sources (such as solar collectors and photovoltaic panels), it is important to have appropriate human capital and quality assurance systems that give confidence to consumers in a developing market. The Government announced a subsidy for new houses, which will be a big boost to the market. This subsidy funds 100% of the house up to the value of 2,000 UF and a decrease of up to the value of 4,500 UF. It is expected that new companies will be created and that the prices will be more competitive.

The massive application of these systems used for houses and especially for public buildings, such as schools, clinics, sports centers and public buildings, represents a big opportunity to:

  • Create job positions for the solar installers.
  • Decrease the operating costs for users.
  • Reduce emissions of pollutants in Chile.
  • Develop a new industry of goods and services with high added value.

Small scale solar systems for residential, public, commercial and industrial use could generate significant economic benefits for those who implement them. This project intends to address a number of environmental conditions with a systemic approach to transform it into a massive, reliable and accessible solution, that generates new companies and quality jobs.

The objective of this project is to create technical capabilities, procedures and technological infrastructure in Chile to ensure successful market development of the small-scaled solar thermal energy, generating wealthy and quality jobs for the country through:

  • The implementation of a training and certification program based on labor competencies that certify the installers, in order to increase the production cycle and the commercialization of this technology in the country.
  • The implementation of a quality assurance mechanism of the products and facilities of the solar systems in order to create confidence in the final consumers and contribute to the maturation of the market.

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