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Biotechnology and food


Animal Welfare

Implementation of animal welfare standards generates significant results for product quality and performance. - Product final quality assessment, mainly focused on filet quality. - Evaluación de calidad final del producto, enfocado principalmente en la calidad de los filetes. - Training of companies and outsourcing services' harvesting teams. Contact us

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Useful Life Forecasting and Cold Chain Control - Customer Security

Customer Security is an innovating software that will help you to differentiate from your competition and improve your position with regard to clients by reliably and timely knowing your product quality.

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Copper Meshes for Aquaculture - Ecosea

In Chile, we are the only producers of rigid meshes made of UR30 copper alloy. This technology is the result of many years of metallurgy innovation, with benefits such as antifouling (prevents the forming of biofilm); bactericide, fungicide, and virucide; it is ultra resistant, generates less CO2 to the environment, and it is 100% recyclable, becoming a more profitable and more environment-friendly solution.

Multi-purpose Vaccine for Piscirickettsia salmonis Control, SRS

Birnagen Forte 3 is the first multi-purpose vaccine for Piscirickettsia salmonis, SRS, control for the salmon farming industry. With one single dose it is possible to immunize salmon against diseases caused by IPN, Vibrio ordalii and, particularly, SRS and significantly reduce economic losses currently caused by this disease affecting Atlantic salmon.

Sea Species Production in Temperate Water

Production of temperate water sea species, such as fish, bivalve and gastropod mollusks of commercial importance.

Bio-tests, Aquadvise

Humid laboratory for biological development and evaluation regarding health, pathologies, food diets, nutrition, ingredients, additives, and other inputs for the domestic aquaculture industry.

Natural Pigments for Salmon, Microax

Astaxanthin is a micro-alga growing in northern Chile, which gives salmon an intense and homogeneous color with high stability. This is an innovative product resulting from the alliance between Bayer and Fundación Chile; the product also has anti-oxidant qualities for human use.

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Consultancies on R&D; for the Food Industry

We provide consultancies aimed at developing and improving products and processes in food companies.

Advisory Services for Agro-industrial Projects

From our experience, we support the formulation and development of agro-industrial projects.

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Human capital


Innovation Management

Our services are aimed at private and public companies and organizations considering innovation a strategic requirement affecting their development, and seeking to acquire organizational and personal capacities to promote and implement innovation in their organizational culture.

Education and Training

In this line of business, we provide methodology consultancies for educational and training institutions, we design flexible technical training offers focused on competences, and develop methodology solutions to detect changes in the labor market based on transforming and emerging occupations in regions and/or territories, among other services.

Courses and Workshops

We develop a series of programs to support development of skills in the negotiation, change management, competence management, and innovation management areas based on world-class methodology models, with a practical and situational view of every topic. There are more than 10,000 individuals who have developed their competences.

Standardization of Performance Expectations

Through the revision of chains of value forming your business, we link each position's individual performance.

Development Management

We re-design individual's development systems in order to maximize the transfer of new learning into effective performance. Our challenge is to take the transfer rate from 15%, indicated by international studies, to 90%.

Performance Management

We re-design individuals' performance management systems in order to guarantee that this tool contributes to the alignment of behavior with the desired standard and to maximize the individuals' value contribution to success indicators for the value chains under their responsibility.

Development and Performance Process Management Software, e-novum

e-novum is a decentralized management software based on the supervisor and his/her collaborator, which allows mass development and performance management processes based on first-source information. With this, we obtain the involvement of individuals forming the business and information quality that allows making more accurate and assertive decisions. In three years, more than 80,000 workers have managed their skills and performance with this software.

Instruction Design for Transfer

We design learning contents based on competences with a priority focus on transfer to effective performance.

Development of Internal Capacities for Model Management

We work in the development of the organizations' capacities for autonomous management of the model. For this, we have designed workshops to strengthen competence and profile standardization and updating, on selection by competences, design of educational resources, development management for transfer, internal instructors for competence development.

Advisory Services for Schools in a Vulnerable Situation

We provide comprehensive advisory services to schools in order to improve education result quality for vulnerable institutions through a gradual implementation of institutional and educational management processes through a comprehensive consultancy.

Training of School Management Consultants

We support and promote continuous training for professionals linked to quality school management. We cover three fields: Master in Quality School Management, Leadership Courses, and Training of School Management Consultants.

ICT Incorporation to Teaching and Learning Processes

We assist educational institutions with the firm belief that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are essential tools elementary schools and high schools should be able to actively integrate to the teaching and learning process and to create knowledge.




Carbon Footprint

Estimating the carbon footprint of a company, organization, production process, and/or service is the first step in the implementation of a long-term sustainable management commitment. When analyzing processes and use of resources associated to goods production or service provision, a company may detect opportunities to reduce costs and implement upgrading which, in many cases, will result in a direct cost reduction.

Neutral Carbon

We offer a transparent and simple way of neutralizing emissions associated to production processes, events, organizations, and/or individuals, among others. By making certificates available to our clients on the most demanding international standards, we offer a platform that provides all the transparency and traceability required by an emission neutralizing process of the highest level.

Measurement of the Corporate Water Footprint

We offer technical support and work to apply the methodology developed by Water Footprint Network (WFN). We posses a unit trained by WFN to measure the Water Footprint of Chile’s most important sectors. We are the first Chilean organization to be associated with WFN as a sponsoring partner.

Specialized Services on Energy Efficiency (EE)

We provide specialized services on energy efficiency based on public assets and the measuring, verification, and certification of labor competences.

Specialized Services on Environmental Forensics and Remediation

We develop strategic research projects to address applied environmental problems, as well as environmental services specialized in water and industry, environmental indicators, and environmental remediation.

Environmental Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Management Services and Tools, m-risk

m – risk (Environmental Risk Assessment, Monitoring & Management) is our business unit providing specialized services for risk management and environmental monitoring in order to assist companies in improving sustainability by making environmental decisions based on quality information.

Chemical Metrology Center

It includes highly specialized analytical services, seminars, and laboratory intercomparison tests.

Independent Third Party (ITP) Measurement and Verification

These are energetic measurement specialized services.

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