We are drivers of transformational innovation, a fundamental element to improving productivity and growth in our country

Sociedad Inversora Forestal, SIF

The forestry securitization bond is a pioneer financial innovation at the Latin American level, developed by SIF S.A., Sociedad Inversora Forestal, a former Fundación Chile subsidiary. This is a debt instrument purchased by capital market investors and backed with insignis pine forest usufruct and (+)

Forestry Certification, CERTFOR

CERTFOR is the Chilean certification system for sustainable forestry management, leader in Latin America. The main companies from the domestic forestry sector are CERTFOR-certified, which makes it the system with the largest amount of certified surface in Chile, with 1.9 million hectares belongin (+)


With an average of 1 million visits a month and more than 600 thousand registered users (including 61% of the country's teachers) www.educarchile.cl is the domestic educational Web page with the highest impact in Latin America, and second to Denmark in the world, according to a recent benchmarking (+)

Labor Competence Development

Through the Human Capital project, in Fundación Chile we have innovated management and development by transferring labor competence standards and management and learning technologies that raise the organizations' competitiveness. This impact aims at providing 15 production sectors, 394 companies (+)


In 1980, we carried out the first process and commercialization tests regarding raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries, better known as berries. Later, in 1985, we worked on the introduction of new varieties through the New Species Development Program, which included cranberries, sea buckthorn, (+)

Vacuum Packed Meat

In order to eliminate meat sales processes that were harmful to human health, in 1982 we started the project Meat in Boxes. The idea was transporting meat from its origin to the consumption center in vacuum-packed boxes. The final result was the improvement of product quality and the economic develo (+)


Abalone is a mollusk called gastropod, very appreciated in eastern countries, where it is considered a delicacy; it also symbolizes family prosperity. In the Japanese market, abalone prices go up according to its texture, color, and flavor. We started the first farms in 1989, in the areas of Tong (+)

Salmon Farming

Fundación Chile played a highly relevant role in the development and consolidation of salmon farming in Chile. In 1981, this story of ups and downs started, when it was decided to purchase a company called Domsea Pesquera Chile Ltda., owner of the fish farm in Curaco de Vélez. As internal regul (+)


Oleotop is an innovating project created in 2004 to promote rape crops in southern Chile, an area with little rotation alternatives. The project is aimed at producing high-quality oils for the salmon industry and human consumption. Oleotop investment, with an initial cost of US$6 million, is the (+)

Axon Axis

Axon Axis evolution is a good example of entrepreneurship and innovation developed in the country with great results, as well as a successful case for the IT (Information Technology) market. Although it was recently acquired by the multinational company Equifax, Axon Axis was created as an innova (+)

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