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A Dialogue about Innovation and Human Capital in Fundación Chile

The activity will include the special participation of John Danner, well-known professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Business Models at UC Berkeley.

Innovation is the creation of value from ideas and opportunities. Aware of the importance of this topic in business, Fundación Chile, through Innovum, has organized a new version of Innovation Dialogue, whose main theme will be Innovation Strategy, Human Capital and their Impact on Business.
The event will be held October 6, starting at 6:30 PM, in Fundación Chile’s auditorium, located at Av. Parque Antonio Rabat Sur 6165, Vitacura.

John Danner, professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Business Models at UC Berkeley, an investor in emerging businesses and a consultant for large companies on issues of strategic innovation and intra-entrepreneurship, will participate in the meeting.

It is worth noting that Innovum has recently generated important innovation for the country in the areas of human capital management, developing better practices, job standards and metrics, by challenging the traditional paradigms in the most relevant productive sectors.

John Danner
An experienced entrepreneur and consultant in a number of industries and organizations, he has advised senior executives on issues of strategy, value management and business growth, as well as management teams of emerging ventures on matters of competitive positioning, marketing and product strategy.

He has worked with companies in the healthcare, energy, entertainment, food products, telecommunications and information sectors, startups in newer markets like energy management, e-commerce and supply chain integration, as well as private foundations, universities, government agencies and healthcare nonprofits.

John Danner, profesor de Emprendimiento e Innovación en Modelos de Negocios de UC Berkeley.

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