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Experts analyzed the Management for Water Sustainability

The event was organized in cooperation with the National Counsel for Clean Production (CPL) from the region of Maule and CORFO (The Chilean Corporation for Production Development) (+)

Fundación Chile signs cooperation agreement with The Nature Conservancy

The agreement seeks to establish a technical cooperation relationship for the implementation of activities of common interest related to the sustainable development and protection of critical land and water, crucial for the biological diversity in Ch (+)

Juan Ramón Candia: “A day like today represents an opportunity to reflect on our environment”

World Environment Day is held each year on June 5 and its main goal is to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and action. (+)

Chile Verde 2012 project selects 106 works that protect the environment

The book will be presented June 12 in a ceremony to be held in the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM), with the participation of Nicola Borregaard, manager of Fundación Chile’s Climate Change and Energy area, as moderator. (+)

(Español) Novena conferencia internacional en Drenaje Ácido de Minas

(Español) Fundación Chile estuvo presente con el proyecto Geotest®, una innovadora tecnología desarrollada por la institución y llevada a cabo desde el año 2010 con la colaboración de entidades nacionales y expertos internacionales. (+)

Monterrey's TEC Institute invites students to participate in the “Summer of Water” contest

Contestants should present a graphic poster that shows the importance of the water and Climate Change relationship, in the categories of responsible use of water in cities, prevention of extreme hydrometeorological events and conservation of hydrogra (+)

Fundación Chile Expert will represent Latin America on the international roundtable for water management

The ISDC of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is the team responsible for supervising the development of the international standard for sustainable water management and its members are chosen for their experience, expertise and international r (+)

Fundación Chile forms municipal energy efficiency advisors

The aim is to train employees in the role of Municipal Energy Efficiency Advisor, with an e-learning course that develops functional competencies for the job. (+)

Chile will be the regional platform of sustainability

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), an international organization of which Fundación Chile is Executive Secretary and which consists of companies, universities, NGOs and government agencies, aims to make the world more sustainable through better pr (+)

Meeting with the regional government of Arica

The meeting held March 28th aimed to promote energy efficiency and the use of solar energy in the country’s north. (+)

Training workshop in Magallanes

The workshop held by Fundación Chile, will expedite, standardize and improve the decision making process, for environment authorities, as well as for privately owned companies that want to recover and clean up contaminated sites. (+)

EcoSea innovations awarded at the Avonni 2011

The revolutionary system of copper for fish farming won the trophy in its category. The methodology will facilitate aquaculture in Chile and worldwide in zones that are exposed to adverse weather conditions. The technology consortium is formed b (+)


Initiatives in Sustainability


Solar Chile

Natural Disasters Footprint

Promotion of clean energies

Competences in the installation of solar panels

Energy labeling

Remediation of contaminated areas and water treatment

Basin Comprehensive Management

Solar Platform Atacama

Geo-thermal Energy - GTN Américas

Certification of paper and retail products

Santiago Carbon Exchange - SCX

Forestal Certification CERTFOR – PEFC


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