We are drivers of transformational innovation, a fundamental element to improving productivity and growth in our country

Hernán Araneda discusses Chile’s prospects for mineral exploration

The Mining Exploration Summit Latin America 2012 was held on June 13 and 14 in Colombia, in which our Human Capital Innovation Centre manager participated as a regional representative. (+)

Anglo American and the Website Educarchile support Professional Technical Education through a groundbreaking contest.

• The professional technical education covers almost 50% of the tuition of the second cycle of secondary education in the country. (+)

"What do we know about school principals in Chile?”

The launch, scheduled for Tuesday, June 12, will be attended by Francesc Pedró, UNESCO’s head of Teaching Development and Educational Policy section and by Cristián Cox, Dean of the Education Faculty at the Universidad Católica, which will pres (+)

The Innovative Teachers Network will be offering free training courses

The Innovative Teachers Network gets more than 200,000 visits a year, making it a space for the exchange of experiences between teachers and for permanent professional development. (+)

Fundación Chile participates in World Conference on Technical and Vocational Education in China

The manager of Fundación Chile’s Center for Innovation in Human Capital, Hernán Araneda, participated as a speaker in the congress held in Shanghai. (+)

(Español) Barrie Bennett: “La docencia es la profesión más compleja en el mundo”

(Español) Barrie Bennett, realizó una interesante presentación en el “V Seminario Internacional Red de Escuelas Líderes” en donde se refirió a las métodos para mejorar la labor docente y las dificultades con que tienen que lidiar los profe (+)

Tim Hurson teaches executives to think creatively

The well-known writer, speaker and consultant has been developing for more than 20 years the productive thinking model, that aims to creatively solve problems and show how to identify and take advantage of opportunities. The “Creative Intelligence: (+)

Fundación Chile forms municipal energy efficiency advisors

The aim is to train employees in the role of Municipal Energy Efficiency Advisor, with an e-learning course that develops functional competencies for the job. (+)

Expert in Instructional Intelligence makes a presentation in international seminar

For the fifth time in its history, the Network of Leading Schools announces an international seminar, which on this occasion includes a visit and presentation by Barrie Bennett, academic and researcher from the OISE. The event will also be transmitte (+)

Fundación Chile goes on a technical mission to Australia and New Zealand

The committee consisted of the manager of the Center for Innovation Innovum, Hernán Araneda, the Minister of Labor, Evelyn Matthei and the Chilean ambassador to Australia, Pedro Pablo Díaz, among others. (+)

Educarchile carries out free on-line PSU preparation simulation

On April 25, 26 and 27 students can take trial tests, under conditions similar to the real exam. (+)

Labor Force in Large Scale Mining

For the first time, issues related to the labor force of the large scale mining are addressed with a global view of the sector, using the information provided by the participating minning companies. (+)


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