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Spirulina and microalgae juice in seminar by Fundación Chile

More than 100 attendees to the international seminar organized by Fundación Chile, Aeon, Biogroup, and ASEMBIO, had the opportunity to try innovative microalgae products that contain health-promoting substances, such as vitamin A, B12, prebiotics, a (+)

Experts discuss the benefits of microalgae

Given their capacity to synthesize a variety of biocomponents, such as antioxidants, vitamins and pigments, microalgae have gained importance and become of great interest to the industry. (+)

Maqui demand is growing exponentially

National and international demand has grown exponentially, from 733 kg in 2006 to 50 thousand kg in 2011, in concentrated juices, jams and dehydrated fruit. The potential nutraceutical and conventional market amounts to US$600 billion. (+)

Unprecedented program in Tongoy: 70 thousand Chilean flounders are released into the Bay

Fundación Chile, the regional Government and CORFO admitted 7 thousand juvenile specimens into the ocean in order to recover the resource and provide a new source of income for artisanal fishermen. (+)

70 thousand Chilean flounders are released for restocking

This project aims to incorporate production technology, fishery resources management by artisanal fishermen and the processing of Chilean flounder juveniles. (+)

Cultimar concludes its biggest crop of eyed larvae

Thanks to the implementation of a new production technology called T3, developed by the Tongoy Aquaculture Center’s R+D team, a production standard was maintained that allowed the Center to meet the growing demand for scallop eyed larvae (+)

Fundación Chile Empowers Food and Biotechnology Sectors

The organization will implement an articulating strategy that will cover healthy nutrition, production standards and shelf life, by operating two aquaculture research centers in Tongoy and Quillaipe, as well as business units like Aquadvise and Culti (+)

Fundación Chile receives award for its study on the fatty acid profile of lamb

Recognition was presented during the 36th Annual Congress of the Chilean Animal Production Society (+)

INOFOOD: International Summit and Exhibition on Food Safety 2011

Event is organized by GCL Capacita, a Fundación Chile subsidiary, and the Ministers for Agriculture and Health, as well as a team of national and international experts who will discuss different food safety topics. (+)

Experts will analyze strategies for handling with durum wheat

Two workshops, one in Santiago and another in Santa Cruz, will deal with how to improve the quality and yield of durum wheat, used for the production of pasta. (+)

(Español) Gobierno, Unión Europea y Fundación Chile: Lanzan plataforma de inteligencia para mejorar la competitividad del agro chileno

(Español) Álvaro Fischer, presidente de Fundación Chile, destacó que “Agrimundo” actuará como puente, facilitando el contacto entre los distintos actores del sector –productores, empresas, centros tecnológicos, universidades y organizac (+)

EcoSea manages to submerge pens of live salmon to a depth of more than 20 meters

The technology consortium EcoSea Farming S.A. is formed by Codelco, the International Copper Association, the University of Concepción, Fundación Chile, the Pontífica Universidad Católica de Valparaíso and Sitecna S.A. (+)


Initiatives in Biotechnology and Food


Omega 3 for mass consumption

(Español) Centro de Metrología Química

Natural pigments for salmons

Uses of copper in aquaculture




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