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Workshop: Negotiation based on Harvard University principles

This workshop will develop negotiation skills based on the method developed by the Negotiation Project of Harvard University. The workshop includes presentation of the method and practical application in the work environment.

Instructors: Pablo Acevedo and Piedad Esquep
Duration: 8 intensive hours
SENCE code: 1237790861
Cost: $200.000 CLP pp.

Fundación Chile, through its Center for Human Capital Innovation (Innovum), offers the opportunity to learn the method developed by the Harvard University Negotiation Project through workshops focused on conflict prevention and resolution.

The workshops have been carried out in Chile since 1998, with more than 12,000 participants in the country to date.

Workshop Objectives:
Determine the presence of negotiation in day-to-day life.
Learn theoretical and practical elements for self-awareness of negotiation skills.
Learn and apply the Harvard University Negotiation Project method through practical tools.
Incorporate the method in day-to-day behavior to become familiar with and fundamentally optimize negotiation skills in the workplace.

Contact: [email protected] / 2400446

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