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Workshop: Self-coaching

Transforming my dissatisfaction into a committment to development

  • Instructor: Elina Fabius (Uruguay)
  • Duration: 8 intensive hours
  • Sence Code: Yes.
  • Cost: $200,000 pesos

omplaining has become a frequent language in organizations. While it is a calming mechanism that temporarily alleviates our frustrations, complaining does not resolve problems and it also generates impotence and resentment in us.

However seen from another angle complaining hides a seed of individual and group transformation because  … we wouldn’t complain about something, if it didn’t matter to us. Where there’s passion there is the possibility for change.

It’s hard to generate significant changes in human groups without changes in individual behaviors. It’s very difficult to sustain significant behavioral changes without changing the mental models or paradigms that gave rise to those behaviors. For this reason effective change involves understanding and paying attention to the powerful forces that drive us not to change.

As the world changes and organizations have to adapt to it, people must develop new skills. The development of any skill implies understanding the dilemmas that entail a change of consciousness.

Fundación Chile invites you to participate in its new workshop based on a Self-coaching Model developed in Harvard University’s School of Education that, based on the forces that drive us not to change, unbalances the immunity to change that our mental models generate in us.


  • To raise awareness about the transforming potential of complaining for personal and organizational change.
  • To present a Self-coaching Model that besides considering human complexity also facilitates the road to transformation.
  • To apply the Self-coaching Model to your own case and bring hidden barriers to light in order to unbalance our immunity to changes.
  • To generate a responsible attitude with regard to personal transformation and our work surroundings.
  • To empower a watchful attitude about our paradigms.


  • Companies as communities of language
  • The impact of the language of complaint and criticism on our moods and work climate
  • Self-coaching Model: the 4 languages of transformation
  • From the language of criticism to the language of commitment
  • Discovering the underlying values of our complaints
  • From the language of guilt to the language of personal responsibility
  • Discovering actions and omissions that attempt against my commitments
  • From the language of good intentions to the language of the conflict of values
  • Discovering the underlying fears and values in my actions and omissions
  • The conflict of values as an opportunity to negotiate win-win with myself
  • From the language of dogmatic truths to the language of questionable assumptions
  • Looking for cracks in my dogmatic truths
  • Testing my dogmatic truths
  • While transferring the Self-coaching Model the participants will apply the tool to their personal cases
  • Recommendations for the future
  • A watchful attitude with our beliefs
  • Unbalancing my immunity to change: the process of transcending beliefs

Who it will benefit:

This workshop is aimed at all those people who want to commit to effective changes and especially to leaders whose job is to provoke these changes in others.


This activity consists of presentations by the facilitator, experience-based exercises, analysis of cases, as well as reflections that allow the participants to incorporate experience-based knowledge.


Elina Fabius

A degree in Social Work from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, graduate degree in Human Resources Management (ORT University, Uruguay). Advanced studies in: Project Management (IEEC), Transactional Analysis and Neuro-linguistic Programming (CIANCC). Specializing in Institutional Administration and Group Dynamics, she has consulted in public and private institutions in Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Peru.


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