What we do

It is the FCH endeavor platform, a place that attracts, selects and supports early endeavors in order to develop new projects in Chile and abroad.


Since 1976, FCh has created more than 80 enterprises and in the last years, it has settled as a goal to support a large number of start-ups, by catalyzing the energy and the ideas of external entrepreneurs in order to strengthen the country innovation and endeavor.

EMPRNDEFCh seeks 25 early endeavors by year, along with the private investors and large companies. There is a commitment to detect and support high quality start-ups, endorsed principle by the FCh reputation and recognition in Chile and abroad.

Through the knowledge, contact networks, prestige, neutrality and access to financing, it is possible to support entrepreneurs in three main axes by specialist in this area, an important added value which is unique in this market:


This platform has a series of gears acting in a synergic way, in the project attraction and selection, project support and tracking, networks, management and legal compliance, among others; which allow a cost reduction in the individual transaction aiming at the selection of high-degree commitment entrepreneur teams, self-management and potential to scale the enterprise in line with the FCh expertise. All this, with the scaling as the business vision and an initiative generating world level impact, among other criterias.

Investment fund

Is an enterprise scaling mechanism originated in FCh. It is about a 4 MM USD, focused on the creation of new enterprises, established in 2006 with a settlement date of 2019, which only contributor is Fundación Chile.