Plataforma de desarrollo de estrategias de trading con algoritmos.
Año de ingreso: 2012
Area: TICs

¿A qué se dedica la empresa?

We believe all investors should have access to high-quality, high-return, algorithm-driven investments. We are doing this by allowing investors to subscribe to algorithmic trading signals for a monthly subscription. We are building a community of financial engineers (‘Quants’) who design these trading strategies. They utilize our free sophisticated trading strategy development tool with financial data and powerful cloud computing. When they design a good strategy they have the option to publish it to the subscription marketplace and earn revenues.

By democratizing these powerful investment tools we hope to level the playing field in the stock-market so any investor can earn a good return.

¿Cómo nació la idea?

After working in an algorithmic hedgefund  for two years I was very impressed with the incredible potential of the technology, an knew I needed to get this to everyone.

¿Dónde te ves en 2 años?

QuantConnect will have 10,000 engineers maintaining 500 active algorithms. They’ll be managing approximately $500M in assets and earning great returns for millions of individual investors.

¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de ser emprendedor?

Freedom to create new ideas and concept, revolutionize existing industries.

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