Gadget that uses augmented reality and commands through voice in order to maintain machinery at mine sites. It is complemented by an analysis software.

Año de ingreso: 2012
Area: Tecnología

Year of entry: 2012

Area: Technology

What does the company do?

I-goSpA is dedicated to the development of technological solutions for the field data acquisition. It also supports the operational and strategic decision-making of an organization through an analysis of the collected information.

How did the idea come out?

Our product iGAT arose as an answer to a problem we’ve detected in the mining area, which has relation with the registration of the maintenance information. When analyzing how we currently work (using a piece of paper), we realized that the existing solutions considered the use of the hands, which is quite restrictive in the mining world. That is why we decided to create this product.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

I see myself raising capital in Canada, Australia or the USA, in order to expand our business around the world.

What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

 I like the freedom to create and to do what I like best, having the opportunity to generate jobs and to develop Innovaciones WorldClass from Chile to the world.


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Hernán Benavente
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Alberto Ortiz

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