Face Energy

Application to manage the energy consumption in your home.
Año de ingreso: 2012
Area: TICs

Year of entry: 2012

Area: ICT

What does the company do?

FaceEnergy is an energy monitoring system based on a web platform which is composed of a group of intelligent sensors that measure both the energy consumption information as well as real-time environmental conditions, sending this information wirelessly to the network.

How did the idea come out?

The project FaceEnergy began in London, where won the Bright Ideas Award of UCL Advances (Entrepreneurship Center of the University College London) and a small seed capital to begin to develop the prototype.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

We see ourselves impacting on the culture of energy of Chile and on how the society faces and looks for solutions within the energy field. We also see ourselves building a company that is a new energy paradigm where the goal is not only the energy, but it is the first step towards smart cities in Chile.

What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

We like that we have the ability to impact on our future and to contribute from our daily activity to a social and technological change in Chile, that is to say, we can contribute from our activity as entrepreneurs and innovators.


Felipe Escandón
Felipe Escandón
Marcos Chilet
Marcos Chilet
Nicolás Rebolledo
Nicolás Rebolledo

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