Mobile application to promote a healthy diet and exercises through different mechanisms.


Year of entry: 2012

Area: ICT


What does the company do?

Chooz is the first mobile solution that guides you, supports you, and accompanies you during your entire journey to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The goal of Dam is that the user may find a viable long-term balance between his/her daily life and a healthy life. Understanding that changing a habit overnight is extremely difficult; the program develops personalized food and physical plans which evolve over time.

How did the idea come out?

The idea came from the direct experience of Matías (Founder), who looked for solutions to control weight after having major sports surgery. At that time he spent more than 6 months without physical activity. He tried to do everything that he could: Nutritionist, Diets, and Apps. His efforts were in vain because none of the options seemed to consider and address food as a habit. Furthermore, the main motivation for creating Chooz was the lack of digital solutions that may generate real changes.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

From the beginning, the initiative was to start in Chile and then expand it to the Latin American market. Nowadays, our vision for the next 2 years is to develop the product for the American market, where is our most important potential market. 

What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

I like that the company’s success depends exclusively on your own (if the idea is good, of course). Furthermore, being in an entrepreneurship from the beginning helps you to know yourself, to trust in your convictions, and to generate holistic knowledge, because when you do not have enough capital, you have to be engineer, designer, physician...


Ilan Oliel
Ilan Oliel
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Matías Muchnick

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