Cases of Success

We always are focused on our mission. Fundación Chile conducted innovations that involve changes in products, services, production processes and business models that lead to unique value propositions.

23 | August | 2012
In 1980 we carried out the first processes and commercialization tests of raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, better known as berries. Later, in 1985, we worked on the introduction of new varieties through the Development of New Species Program such as cranberry, and lingonberry sanddorn, among others. In addition, Berries La Unión and Tecnagro companies were created and sold to Chilean investors.
CERTFOR, Forest Certification
23 | August | 2012
The CERTFOR Certification System has standards of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) for Plantations and Native Forest, of Group Certification and Chain of Custody, which allows to support wood from managed forests under sustainability criteria. Currently, the PEFC has 35 member countries and 28 globally recognized schemes. Actualmente PEFC cuenta con 35 países miembros y 28 esquemas reconocidos a nivel global.
23 | August | 2012
With an average of 1 million unique visitors per month and over 600,000 registered users (including 61% of the country's teachers) www.educarchile.cl is the national education portal with highest impact in Latin America (it has 30,000 contents) and the second in the world after Denmark, according to a recent benchmarking study.
Job skill development
23 | August | 2012
Through the Human Capital project, in Fundación Chile we have innovated in management and development, transferring job skill standard, and learning management technologies, which allow increasing competitiveness of organizations.
Vacuum-packed meat
23 | August | 2012
In 1982 started the project Meat in Boxes, in order to banish from our country those harmful processes to human health in relation to the sale of meat. The idea was to transport meat from its origin to consumption centers in boxes and vacuum packed. The end result was an improvement in product quality and economic development of a new internal market.
Salmon Farming
23 | August | 2012
Fundación Chile played a highly significant role in the development and consolidation of salmon farming in Chile. In 1981 was born the story of ups and downs, when we decided to buy a company called Pesquera Domsea Chile Ltda, owned of Curaco Velez fish farming.
23 | August | 2012
In 1989 we carried out the first farming in the country, in the Tongoy and Chiloé areas. In 1993 the subsidiary company Semillas Marinas was created, where we participated in seed production of California red abalone, while the company Campos Marino was created for the fattening.
Axon axis
17 | August | 2012
Company dedicated to the web service area, where private investor provides 70% of the company’s capital. After 5 years of operation, it was sold to a multinational company in 11 times more in 2010.
11 | August | 2012
SIF is a project initiated by Fundacion Chile in 1999 with the name of SIF Sociedad Inversora Forestal S.A. with the objective of reversing the low forestation rates in Chile, and supplying the forest owners the option to invest in a better way.
11 | August | 2012
Company dedicated to the raps oil production for human consumption. It was sold in 2011 with profitability over the inversion of 70%.