Portal Educarchile

It is an autonomous, pluralistic and public service portal that has the collaboration of public, private and philanthropic sectors.

The Ministry of Education of Chile and Fundación Chile were in charge of its creation. It started from the confluence of educational sites of the Network of Links of the Ministry of Education and from the Educational Program of Fundación Chile.

Educarchile is addressed to all members of the national educational community: schools, teachers, students and managers; to the Chilean families and the organisms of parents and guardians; to the municipal and private supporters; to the educational researchers and specialists; to the pedagogical faculties and to the cultural organisms.

Awards and recognitions

Finalist in the Education Category in The Stockholm Challenge Award 2003/2004 due to its contribution to the global movement for the construction of a better society and better information for everyone.

First Prize Winner Challenge Digital Chile 2003 in the category “Organizations with High Impact on the Society”, Education mention.

First Prize Winner in the Best Websites of Chile, category Education and Culture, given by the Diario Financiero Newspaper in September 2003. The offices of Educarchile are located in: Av. Parque Antonio Rabat Sur 6165, Vitacura, Santiago de Chile.

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