Created Companies


Micomo is a company which provides technology services of information and management in structural monitoring optimization of processes through the air quality forecasting, advanced systems of fixed and wireless communications, and Industrial CCTV, enabling the use of the most advanced information technology systems worldwide in mining. The company was started with the support of CODELCO together with the Japanese telecommunications company NTT, and today it is part of the FCh Companies portfolio.

Information marketing channel, which allows companies or individuals to locate, understand and use, with a minimum of effort, a Web Service in order to access their information.

Company whose objective is the development and implementation of turnkey systems for the automation of industrial processes, using own technology (Hardware and Software).

Teamwise S.A.
Tecnología y Desarrollo Tecnológico

Company dedicated to the training and provision of services in the field of computer, and to the import and commercialization of computer and home automation products.


The company carries out certifications and traffic measurements of websites in real time in order to deliver the most reliable data to the online advertising market, improve the management of companies with web sites in Latin America, and even back up usage data of sites for investors with which customers are able to understand the behavior of their audience.