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The “mobileLab Nokia - Fundación Chile” Program is a Nokia, Latin-American, the Nokia Institute of Technology and Fundación Chile initiative  seeking to strengthen the creation of mobile apps for Nokia phones in the country as part of the initiative strategic line at around the Digitalization and the support to Endeavor.

Program initiatives

  • Mobile apps lab: located in Fundación Chile, 6165 Parque Antonio Rabat, Vitacura. It is a place where programrs and/or entrepreneurs will have access to computers in order to program apps and Nokia phones to do the needed tests. Also, they will have the possibility of being in constant contact with FCh’s entrepreneurs.
  • Training: Apps development classes will be done in FCh (by INdt staff and local professionals), in which civil industrial engineering and informatics engineering students will be able to assist free. The classes will address the Nokia S40 and Windows Phone platform. These will be last about 20 hours each one. To end the class, the student should develop and app.
  • Nokia ambassador: The Nokia-FCh ambassador is the program representing in its university. This person has the mission of dissemination and participant attraction for the activities.
  • Hackaton: An event will be held, where the Chilean programmers will have the opportunity to register. Il will be a 24 hour programming marathon (hackaton). Every group will have just this instance to program it apps and present them before a jury, which will be in charge of define the best apps according to the categories.
  • Idea call: Programmers, designers and entrepreneurs will be called to apply initially with app ideas developing through the contest. These calls will have social topics:

- Education
- Transport

If you want to know the dates and register in any of these activities and classes, write to this e-mail  [email protected]

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