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Estudio Chile Saludable, Opportunities and Challenges of Innovation

The Estudio Chile Saludable is the result of the joint work of  Fundación Chile, Elige Vivir Sano,  GfK Adimark y Fundación de la Familia, and establishes a strategic alliance to develop new contents and identify innovation opportunities for the population habits, lifestyles and feeding. In this way, the obesity in the country will be combated.

In the first volume of this series, published in 2012, five psychographic profiles of Chileans were identified -Undecided, Resigned, Dedicated, Culpable, Motivated -according to their healthy lifestyle and the level of limitations that they have, also analyzing their preferences and motivations. This psychographic segmentation allowed leaving the classical socioeconomic segmentation that nowadays is not relevant for this global problem.

Within the great conclusions, it was possible to identify that the obesity in Chile is a complex and transversal problem associated with the modern life, where the stress level, the sedentary life and the television are important barriers or limitations for a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, it also pointed out the relevance of the coordinated and consensual work between different persons of the society: government, private sector, civil society, technological and scientific organizations, among others; to achieve the impact needed to reverse the alarming trend of the obesity increase in our country.

The second volume was focused on the industry role to promote a better diet and the construction of a society aimed at a healthy welfare. As discussed, the serious problems of obesity in our country are greatly explained by poor dietary habits, leading to the consumption of big quantities of citrus nutrients that put the health at risk.

This addressed the dynamics and trends of the food market with emphasis on the national market and on the identification of opportunities to innovate in products, processes and business models. The opportunities are mainly classified in the following categories:

·         Development of healthier products: there are multiple possibilities to develop innovations in the food industry, boosting the production and commercialization of healthier products, reducing the quantity of citrus nutrients and including the incorporation of new natural ingredients that provide benefits for the health and welfare.

·         Process technologies to improve the conservation and safety of food: presentation of innovative preservation technologies that contribute to the safety of food and to the extension of the useful life of food, optimizing the quality and stability of its nutritional properties.

·         Business models for the benefit of the health and welfare: approach of innovation strategies and the development of sustainable models for the commercialization of products and quality services that assure the accessibility of the most vulnerable sections of the population.

In our analysis is possible to appreciate a great progress in different areas, but there are still many new initiatives to incorporate. We hope that the study results contribute to the public and private sector to move forward in other pending aspects.

Our proposal addresses the active role of the State in the generation of long-term policies that transcend governments and that generate a favorable environment to give people an opportunity to improve their healthy life habits. On the other hand, the identified opportunities for the food industry are addressed considering all the levels of our society. The innovation in some aspects of the value chain can contribute significantly to improve the population access to this market.

We would like to invite you to be part of this initiative to implement solutions that could contribute permanently to the development of a healthier lifestyle for Chile. 


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