Food & Biotechnology


FoodWatcher is an on-line monitoring service for the food industry created by the Food Intelligence Unit of the Food and Biotechnology Department of Fundación Chile.

 The platform provides information about technological innovation, consumption trends, legislation and regulations, national and international news, indicators, documents and others; which focused on 3 topics:

  • Safety
  • Healthy food
  • Useful life

The service provides added-value information through the team’s participation of the Food and Biotechnology Technological Unit of Fundación Chile, who conduct studies, provide specific consultations and monitor contents.

Advantages of the system

  • To monitor automatically a great number of information sources
  • To select and filter contents by publishing only the information of interest
  • To display the information in a centralized manner, allowing to access from one single source
  • To save, share and comment on the information of interest with other members of the team
  • To display indicators and trends
  • To access to documents
  • To search information within the system
  • To make direct consultations to an expert

Benefits for your company

  • To monitor permanently the information linked to its business
  • To save time and resources dedicated to the information search
  • To identify the relevant information, identifying opportunities and threats
  • To support the development of new products and markets
  • To listen the opinion of the company and the competitors


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