Food & Biotechnology

Development of sustainable packaging for meat products


The development of new packaging of fresh meat products, refrigerated in the national market. The objective of the project of Fundación Chile is to improve the sustainability. It is developed with funds of INNOVA. 

Nowadays, the industry of food packaging uses plastic materials with a low rate of effective recyclability or almost nonexistent by the involved technologies in this process, therefore, that packaging ends in landfills. The polymers, currently used to provide meat products, generate resistance to cooling. For that reason, there will be used some materials and equipments that produce a packaging with a higher thermal functionality and with a high rate of recyclability. Furthermore, technologies are taking place to produce a packaging that allows extending the useful life of the meat products in more than 100%.

The project is led by Fundación Chile with the support of a company that manufactures packaging and a retail company. Fundación Chile is making the design, analysis, development and prototype testing, considering the perishable nature of the food.

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