Areas of work

We work on various topics, always through the innovation:

In FCh, we are looking to contribute that Chile might be a more developed country, an example of an emerging country that grows in a sustainable and competitive way, to be transformed into a pole of entrepreneurship and innovation at regional level, provides opportunities and tools, and encourages a culture of innovation to achieve a better quality of life for everyone in a more dynamic and global world with complex challenges ahead. 

Our initiatives are different in its content, but all respond to problems or specific opportunities that can only be resolved or exploited through open innovation and entrepreneurship, with the joint participation of knowledge of multiple stakeholders, public and private, national and international, with the agility and conviction of different agents combinations, business models, technologies and know how

We participate in significant country challenges, looking for concrete solutions and articulating its implementation. FCh is a unique institution in Chile, as well as identifying new business interest, to create innovative private companies and support technological and market development, we also participate actively in a wide range of activities. This includes technological services, I&D articulation of efforts applied with potential market value, business incubation, provision and seed capital management, scaling and financial innovation.

These are some examples of how we move the border, as far as possible, through the open innovation model:

  • Our 36 years of experience, our proximity to both private and public spheres, and our highly specialized technical knowledge and expert, makes us capable to identify national problems and possible solutions, articulating stakeholders and performing highly complex projects.
  • Our networking always makes us attentive and current of international trends, identifying technologies or services that we can transfer to the country.
  • Often companies, private, institutions, technology centers or government entities approach us, with a proposal that need a partner to implement a solution or added value. They see in Fch a neutral, credible, and serious entity and with a huge technical expertise.
  • Our great proximity to the world of entrepreneurship, keeps us fresh and in constant contact with new ideas and businesses.