Water & Environment

What we do


Our Water and Environment Department has more than 10 years experience, contributing to boost the sustainability and competitiveness of the country through the adaptation, development and transfer of high-impact innovations that improve the environmental performance and the sustainable development of the main economic activities and its surroundings.

We have developed over 200 projects, in sectors such as the mining industry, the agro industry, hydrocarbons and the chemical industry. Furthermore, we have supported several state agencies in relation to environmental and water issues, among others.

We are a multidisciplinary team conformed by more than 40 highly skilled professionals. Similarly, we promote our innovative work and accelerate the gathering of high-impact results, working together with international experts, universities, companies and technological centers around the world.

Lines of action

Environmental Geochemistry

How do we do it

R&D Projects under Contract

These projects started from the need of companies to solve environmental problems, which do not have an available supply on the market or a proper technological development. The results of the innovation projects are generally technologies or management tools, which improve the processes and/or reduce the negative externalities generated during the entire production chain, thereby improving the environmental performance of the company.

Specialized Technological Services

Our services are not recurrently in the national market. They require highly specialized human capital on specific topics and they usually demand groups of national and foreign specialists.

Projects of Public Interest

They are medium and long term projects and/or programs, which address needs and environmental challenges that improve or accelerate the development of the country or a particular region through the reduction of gaps, the creation of conditions for the productive development, the strengthening of capabilities, the improvement of the public - private coordination, among others.