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Chilean Business and Biodiversity Initiative


It was in the framework of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which promotes the United Nations, and to which our country is subscribed. Fundación Chile started the work of the “Chilean Business and Biodiversity Initiative” with a programmatic proposal, which will be addressed with the Ministry of Environment and a set of leading private companies that seek to incorporate the concepts to promote the CBD.

The National Business and Biodiversity Initiative seek to estimulate the participation of the companies in the thematic areas of conservation of biodiversity, facilitating a forum for dialogue and cooperation between the governments, the companies and other parties, creating an international net for the exchange of information, the good practices and knowledge (Global Business and Biodiversity Alliance).

However, over the last decades, we observed the loss of this biodiversity at an unprecedented rate, which implies multiple environmental, economical and social impacts; and puts at risk the Earth's ability to maintain the quality of life of human beings.

The report of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) indicates that the economical importance of the biodiversity and the ecosystems is no longer invisible and has gained relevance. Some sectors and continents have heard this message and are acting so that the companies of the XXI century are more sustainable.

In Chile, the companies can demonstrate their leadership on biodiversity and ecosystem services through:

1. The identification of its impacts and dependencies on biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES)

2. The risk assessment and business opportunities associated with these impacts and dependencies

3. The development of the information systems about the BES, establishment of goals and the information on the results

4. Measures to avoid reduce and mitigate the risks of BES

5. The integration of actions about broader initiatives of the Corporate Social Responsibility

6. The participation with their business partners and the parties to improve the orientation and the policy

7. The use of new BES business opportunities



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