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International Seminar on “Water Footprint, Opportunity to Create Shared Value”: Integrated Water Management in Companies.

The seminar was held in Lima on May 26th - 28th and it is part of the project Suizagua Andina. This initiative involves the participation of companies in the calculation of the Water Footprint and in the execution of the CSR activities in Colombia, Chile, and Peru.

26 | May | 2014

The new model for water conservation.

“SuizAgua Andina Chile” is an initiative that seeks that the Chilean private sector reduces the water footprint of companies with social, environmental and economic benefits.

20 | February | 2014

FCh creates a collaboration network together with other Latin American experts in water management

The Latin American Network of Knowledge Centers in the Water Sector wants to improve governance in the management of water through technical cooperation with the purpose of affecting decision-making at the political level.

30 | October | 2013
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