Martín Hevia
Executive Director of the Quillaipe Center

Marine Biologist, Universidad de Concepción, Chile. At the end of his career, he received a training in fish diseases in Hannover, Germany. MBA from Universidad Adolfo Ibañez.


Antonio Vélez
Technical Director of Marine Resources

Universidad de Chile (pre-graduate), Universidad de Barcelona - Spain (post-graduate). Projects he worked with: To develop the aquaculture in the macro north zone of Chile: fishes and molluscs of aquaculture importance for the north zone, from the Center for the Aquaculture Transfer and Development of FCh in Bahía Tongoy.



Axel Klimpel Udovic
Executive Director of the Tongoy Aquaculture Center

Aquaculture Engineer from the Universidad Andrés Bello. He is in charge of the Tongoy Aquaculture Center, where its main function is the administration of resources, the management of competitive projects and the interaction with authorities and municipalities of the zone.