Created Companies


Alimtec is dedicated to the production of natural astaxanthin, which is used in the aquaculture industry for the pigmentation of salmon.


AQUADVISE is a Business Unit of the Marine Resource Area of Fundación Chile, whose purpose is the provision of bioassay services to national and international aquaculture industry.

AQUADVISE is located in the Experimental Center of Quillaipe, 25 km east of Puerto Montt. The services are oriented to the aquaculture industry, pharmaceutical laboratories, food industry, aquaculture businesses, etc., enabling the development of a wide range of services in the health, engineering, nutrition areas, new aquaculture species, among others.
Aquavacunas S.A.

Research, development and commercial exploitation of vaccines for animals, especially in the field of aquaculture.

Finamar S.A.

Company dedicated to the production and commercialization of smoked salmon at Latin American level through the permanent incorporation of technological innovation.

Campos Marinos

Farming, breeding, fattening, development, capture and commercialization of the abalone.

Salmones Antártica

Company dedicated to experiment and produce salmon in its variety called “Pacific".
Semillas Marinas S.A.

Semillas Marinas was established in June as a Joint Venture between Fundación Chile (FCh) and Irvin & Johnson (I&J) for the industrial production of the red abalone in Chiloé, with a capacity of 150 tonnes per year, annual sales of about US$3 million and an expected net profit of US$ 1 million.


Company dedicated to the commercial production of mollusc seeds. It was created to produce and commercialize larvae seeds of Japanese oyster.

Gestión Ambiental Acuícola

Company dedicated to the performance of environmental monitoring for salmonid farming centers and other species.


Company dedicated to the development of farming and fattening of Atlantic and Coho salmon in the X and XII Region. Furthermore, it is dedicated to the elaboration of fresh water projects to meet the demands of Coho salmon in fish farming in Llau-Llao and Prat River.

Salmones Huillinco S.A.

Company dedicated to the exploitation of the Atlantic salmon.