About Us

BHP Billiton

We are a private, non-profit corporation established in 1976, whose partners are the Chilean Government and BHP Billiton-Minera Escondida.


Our mission is to introduce high impact innovations and enhance human capital to increase the competitiveness of Chile, promoting and developing the economy through technology transfers and in partnership with local and global knowledge networks.

In FCh, we believe that in our country we can talk about innovation and we are convinced that it is possible to convert Chile into a pole of innovation and entrepreneurship

In our 36-year company history, we have established ourselves as “do tank, being pioneers to enable new areas through a portfolio of demonstration companies, programs that build capabilities and technological services.

Our main areas of development are: Food and Biotechnology, Aquaculture, Water and Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Human Capital, Education and Digitization.

We are focused on these areas because a high commitment by the country moves us. These are issues of great national importance, with significant gaps and problems that are solved with innovation, new models, new technologies and entrepreneurship, which enable solutions translated into a tangible object for the market.

We look to implement projects to resolve these issues delivering value propositions that create a systemic change, in order to fulfill our mission: to make the country progress and scope development. 

In FCh we are not spectators of events, but active builders of future.